Bridging Physical And Virtual

Near Field Communication technology (NFC) allows for the contactless exchange of information between a smartphone and a tiny "nTag" microchip over a secure, proximal connection.

TapWise nTags can be embedded in physical media like posters & toys, and serve cool functions like social media tie-ins & promotional incentives.

Cloud-Based Tag Management

At TapWise, we strive to bridge your customers' virtual & physical worlds by enabling the creative application of NFC to your business.

Retailers, marketing agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses can use our cloud-based service to remotely program & dynamically manage their own NFC nTags - thousands at a time, or individually. We provide our customers with top of the line nTags as well as a broad suite of management tools including remote reprogramming and real-time user engagement analytics.

What people are saying

"Designed with the end-user in mind"


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